It’s OK to Buy a Mattress Online

It is perhaps natural to think that you cannot purchase a mattress online. After all,

how will you know how it feels if you have never actually laid on it? However, the

truth is that it is OK to buy a mattress online. 8hours numerous highly satisfied online

customers testify to that effect. At 8hours will work with you, online to ensure that we

find the right mattress.


The Showroom Isn’t Everything

While we encourage everyone that can to visit our showroom to try out our product,

we also know that many of our customers are simply too distant to do so. Luckily,

visiting the showroom is only one way to ensure that you get the perfect mattress fit.

Furthermore, while the showroom can be a valuable experience, the best way to

determine whether you have found the best mattress for you is to sleep on it for a

few nights. Unfortunately, we do not allow customers to sleep overnight in our

showroom, so we rely on less direct methods for determining what mattress will best

fit you.


We Will Find You The Right Fit, Anywhere

8hours has the knowledge and experience to determine which mattress is right for

you, just based on a small amount of personal information. For instance, we can

often tell from your height and weight the type of support that you will need. If you

are heavy, you may need a firm mattress, whereas if you are light, you may need a

soft mattress instead.

Our staff will also work with you directly to go over your unique personal needs. Say

you have chronic back pain; our dedicated team will find a mattress that will

compliment your body and provide the correct type of support.


30nights free trail

After you have ordered and slept on your mattress, if you do not find it to be quite to

your satisfaction you need to send it back. Just mail us or call us, we will suggest

you accordingly

For the vast majority of our customers, the process outlined above will be sufficient

to provide them with the exact mattress suited to their needs.


The Advantage of Online

Ordering online is not just as good as visiting a showroom as well; there are in fact

distinct advantages that come with ordering a 8hours mattress online. We do our

best to make the ordering process as simple and painless as possible to save you

time and effort. Millions of people worldwide are discovering the ease of online

shopping. Shopping for a mattress should be no different, and with 8hoursit won’t be.